Welcome to Dragko`s experiment.

I have been a fan of the undead since I first caught the original Night of the living dead on Beta in the basement of a distant friend. He introduced me to all things horror being a couple years older.

Since then I have written a lot of short fiction and drafted many novel idea`s out and I keep coming back to a single idea. Zombie fiction is normally based on people and I see that a undead world lends itself as one of the best sources for interactive fiction the rules are simple in a zombie world and the best part is the fans have no problem following the rules. From director to director and author to author the creator of the world can take a few liberties but the base is almost always the same blueprint.

With this in mind I attempted to start and interactive blog of the same title. After several false starts I realized I was using the wrong medium and talking to the wrong audience.

When I saw Obsidian Portal I realized with the included collaborative tools it might be possible to run a world wide interactive real time game. The reality is though I will need some help. If you are interested in hearing my idea`s and working with me on something that could be completely awesome and in someways a first of it`s kind please send me a message let me know what you think.


Let the dead walk